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Wolverine 2.0 Cutter Delivers Power

By August 20, 2019No Comments

“Wolverine size and profile is much smaller and when Aries states it works in 6” pipe it does. Much lighter and easier to maneuver.”

“Quiet operation is great for residential neighborhoods and night work.”

“The reel and tractor controller at the back of the truck attached to the reel helped set up times and communicating issues between operators.”

Powerful and quiet cutter

Cut through challenging material rapidly and accurately with our self-propelled, electric cutter, Wolverine 2.0.

Its advanced controls and cutting power allow you to complete lateral re-instatements or pre-lining prep work in 6″-18″ diameter pipes.

The Wolverine 2.0 Cutting System is a vehicle-mounted system designed and built at Aries US-based plant with stainless steel and brass construction and integrated electrical cabling.


Powerful &
Precise Cutting
Operator Control
  • All-wheel drive and compact profile to navigate challenging pipe conditions
  • Infinitely adjustable speed and axis movement for precision cutting
  • Stabilizing lift ensures balanced operation
  • Fingertip control for outstanding ergonomics
  • Dual joystick allows for accurate cutting head positioning
  • Multiple wheel configurations to match pipe conditions
  • Quick truck set up and tear down
  • In-the-pipe lens cleaning
  • Easily accessible replacement
Fingertip Controls with Wolverine 2.0 Wolverine 2.0 - Designed and Built by Aries Industries


Click to download brochure with complete specifications.