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raising the bar

Innovative, Durable Video Pipeline Inspection
& Rehabilitation Equipment


raising the bar

Choose Your Ride to Access Pipeline
Inspection & Rehabilitation Sites


raising the bar

Powerful, Accurate Mainline Inspection
System with High-Definition Video


raising the bar

Complete Grout System to Seal Leaks
& Stop Groundwater Infiltration

Aries proudly announces a Sourcewell awarded contract for Infrastructure Inspection and Rehabilitation Equipment.
Aries Industries delivers durable video pipeline inspection and rehabilitation systems that measure up to your toughest challenges. We maximize your productivity with innovative products, backed by our expert service professionals.
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inspect mainlines & laterals quickly and accurately.

Our high-quality products include video cameras, powerful transporters, and complete mainline and lateral inspection systems.

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accelerate repairs, maximize productivity.

Rehab mainlines and laterals with our powerful cutters or complete grouting system trucks.

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Wolverine 2.0


access job sites anywhere.

We outfit vehicles to provide a perfect working platform for sewer inspections and rehabilitation projects in the field. Choose from trucks, vans, trailers, and more.

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analyze &
report your

Aries Industries provides a variety of industry-leading software for reporting sewer inspection results.

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We put Aries equipment to the test. I’ve always been impressed with Aries equipment – with how durable and useful it is in multiple applications. The equipment is very easy to work with and repair in the field.

Camera Division ManagerNationwide Energy Infrastructure Provider
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