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Aries Industries is a leader in the design and manufacturing of Pipeline Video Inspection and Rehabilitation equipment. Along with software solutions and a range of vehicles, we provide the equipment that helps keep our underground infrastructure in top condition. Explore our products.
Mobile Voyager

Mobile Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System

Take your HD mainline inspections wherever you need to go with the Mobile Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System. Easily navigate pipe conditions to capture detailed, high-definition video of mainlines relined 6”-48” and up. Get maximum flexibility by carrying the portable system in a pick-up truck or mounting in a truck, van, trailer or Aries TrailBlazer. 

Pathfinder System Featured Image

Pathfinder Mainline Inspection System

The Pathfinder Mainline Inspection System is a powerful and advanced truck-mounted system for inspecting mainlines 6" or larger. It combines a powerful transporter, innovative camera, and reel. Operated with Aries Master Controller.

Trailer Featured Image


Sewer inspection and rehabilitation trailers offer a flexible way to get your equipment where you need to go. Ideal for crews who share equipment or who need a working platform that is always available to tow by multiple trucks.

Van Featured Image


Hit the road with your sewer inspection and rehabilitation equipment in a standard or customized Transit or Sprinter van. Ideal for tight working conditions, get all the equipment you need in a compact platform.

High definition Voyager Mainline Inspection System

Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System

The Voyager HD Mainline Inspection System is a HIGH DEFINITION video system for inspecting mainlines and includes a powerful transporter, a full HD 1080p WiperCam camera, and 1200’ cable reel — controlled by CANbus technology for instant crawler and camera response.

RinnoVision™ Manhole Inspection System

Inspect manholes safely with Rinnovision's RV-Pro 360. Equipped with a 360-degree virtual reality camera, the system provides real-time viewing of conditions inside pipes, manholes, tanks, tunnels, wells and other confined spaces.

Voyager Camera

Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection Camera

Capture clear, detailed video of pipes 6" relined and larger with our innovative Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection Camera. It is a compact HD 1080p pan and tilt video camera with 120x zoom. Keep the lens clean without retrieving the camera from the pipe with Aries built-in lens wiper technology. The HD video camera comes standard as part of the Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System.

Voyager Trasnporter

Voyager™ HD Transporter

The Voyager HD Mainline Inspection System’s powerful tractor easily navigates pipes relined 6″ – 48” and larger. The mainline inspection transporter is equipped with a rear-viewing HD camera and an integral motorized lift to center the camera in a range of pipe sizes. Digital CANbus controls provide instant crawler and camera response.

Wolverine 2.0 Self-Propelled Robotic Electric Cutting System

Wolverine® 2.0 Self-Propelled Robotic Electric Cutting System

Cut through challenging material rapidly and accurately with Wolverine® 2.0 Self-Propelled Robotic Electric Cutting System. Complete lateral reinstatements or pre-lining prep work in pipes 6- to 18-inches with power and precision.

LETS Lateral Inspection System

LETS 6.0

LETS 6.0 easily navigates pipes 6" and larger for simultaneous inspections of mainlines and laterals to 150 feet. Operated from a vehicle with our all-in-one master controller.

TrailBlazer mobile enclosure

TrailBlazer Mobile Enclosure

For pipeline inspection equipment only, you can outfit a mobile enclosure for use with smaller vehicles. Customized to your specifications.

High-Cube Truck for Sewer Inspection and Rehabilitation Equipment

High-Cube Trucks

Build outs with quality materials and workmanship from a standard floorplan or a design you customize.

Mobile Pathfinder Sewer Inspection System

Mobile Pathfinder System

An integrated, portable inspection system that combines a transporter, innovative camera, and reel. The Mobile Pathfinder System is ideal for accurate inspections of mainline pipes 6 inches or larger.

Grouting System Truck

Grouting System Truck

Aries vehicle-mounted grouting system provides a complete solution for addressing ground water infiltration into sewer mains and laterals.

Laser Profiler

Laser Profiler

Profile the interiors of pipes 6" - 96" with Laser Profiler camera attachment. Integrates with variety of PACP software and attaches to Pathfinder or Badger tractors.

Pathfinder Series Transporters

Pathfinder Series

Inspect 6" or larger mainlines quickly and accurately with a steerable tractor from our Pathfinder Series. Three models available to meet your specific need.

Mainline Inspection Cameras

Mainline Inspection Cameras

Durable and innovative cameras that capture detailed video for accurate inspections. Equipped with the industry’s first self-cleaning lens to maximize productivity.

aries badger transporter

Badger Series

Durable and reliable, the Badger is a non-steerable tractor for long distance pulls. Easily navigates obstacles in 6" to 48" pipes.

lateral pipeline cameras sale

Lateral Inspection Cameras

High performance lateral inspection cameras ideal for use in 3" or larger pipes. Available models include a mini pan & tilt with self-cleaning lens or self-leveling compact camera.

Retrofit Vehicles with Pipeline Inspection and Rehabilitation Equipment

Retrofit Services

Add or upgrade your inspection/rehab vehicle with our retrofit services. Refurbish equipment, electronics and more.

Pipeline Inspection Software

Pipeline & Sewer Inspection Software

Aries Industries provides a variety of industry-leading software for reliable reporting of sewer inspection results. All software platforms integrate seamlessly with Aries equipment to log observations during mainline, lateral, and inline lateral inspections. Our is compatible with any software.

titan sewer pipeline crawler.jpg


Inspect large diameter pipe and storm drains with our steerable Titan tractor. Durable and agile, the Titan is ideal for maneuvering in pipes 20" and larger.

taurus sewer crawler


Strong, responsive track transporter navigates 6" to 30" pipes. Durable construction enables inspections over long distances in adverse conditions.