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Aries video inspection equipment combines innovative designs with high-quality construction and durable materials. Products include video cameras, powerful transporters, portable inspection systems, lateral evaluation systems, and vehicle-mounted systems.
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Video Inspection Equipment

Mobile Inspection Systems

Aries Mobile Inspection Systems combine a powerful transporter, innovative camera, and lightweight reel so you can quickly and accurately assess mainline pipes 6" or larger



Our powerful transporters navigate harsh conditions in pipes 6" or larger. A combination of power and balance provide superior traction and agility.



Aries video cameras capture quality images in the harshest conditions. Our pan & tilt cameras feature continuous 360° rotation and in-the-pipe lens cleaning systems.

Mainline CamerasLateral Cameras

Lateral Inspection Systems

Quickly inspect laterals operating in 6" and larger mainlines with LETS 6.0. Features a contoured chute for fast camera deployment with a 135-degree launch angle. The powerful tractor can traverse pipes against the flow.

LETs 6.0

Vehicles & Transport

Vehicle-mounted inspection systems provide a professional working platform with state-of-the-art control centers. Aries build-outs are recognized for their high-quality materials, skilled workmanship, and well-designed floor plans.

Trucks, Vans, TrailersTrailBlazer Mobile ENCLOSURERetrofit ServicesGrouting System Truck

Data Management

NASSCO-certified software logs observations during mainline, lateral, and water well inspections. Acquired data can be efficiently managed for analysis and reporting.

Pipeline/Sewer SoftwareWater Well Software

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