grouting system truck

Grout System Truck

Aries vehicle-mounted grouting system provides a complete solution for addressing ground water infiltration into sewer mains and laterals.

We can customize a new  truck or retro-fit an existing vehicle with equipment to pump chemicals to the packer in the pipeline to seal the defect.

Grouting System Truck

Grouting System Truck

A soil sealing process for sewer main joints and service lateral connections

Aries is the leading manufacturer of standard and custom built chemical grouting systems to halt ground water infiltration into sewer mains and at lateral connections.

  • Fast Test and Grout Cycles are achieved with the simple push-button operation. Air regulators allow unrestricted airflow to ends, void and sleeve elements reduce time to test and seal joints and service connections
  • Easy grouting operations with a clean logical layout and clearly labeled controls.
  • Grout volume in gallons/liters pumped displayed on grout panel totalizer for simple record-keeping and data capture.
  • Electric CAT Triplex pumps feature high volume, variable speed motors. Adjustable bypass pressure regulation allows an operator to effectively perform all manhole and joint sealing operations independent of air compressor capacity.
  • Easy-to-read gauges inform operators regarding flows and pressures ensuring accurate and productive grouting.
  • Grout systems outfitted with five-part Penta hose ready for mainline or lateral service connection grouting.
  • 800’ hose provides for multiple run setups from a single entry point, reducing setup/breakdown time and increasing productivity.
  • 60-gallon grout mixing tanks allow more work time providing volume to mix a new batch of chemical while continuing to operate, increasing the capability to seal larger diameter pipe and lateral connections.
  • Industrial stainless steel chemical mixers on each tank provide fast, efficient mixing operations.
  • Consistent, optimal power is provided with ample size on-board power generators, air compressors and vacuum pumps.
  • Equipment and control room areas can be set up for work in all weather conditions. Optional winter work doors, propane heaters and other climate-specific design features available.
  • Meets equipment requirements of ASTM standard practices for chemical grouting of Mains (ASTM F: 2304-3), Laterals (ASTM: 2454-05) and Manholes (ASTM: F2412-04).

Online Municipal Sewer Grouting Course

Need-to-know video series on stopping infiltration in sewers…where & when you need it most – online, on your time.

Presented in conjunction with Avanti and Logiball, Aries offers online resources for you to learn about municipal sewer grouting. Choose from three options:

  1. PDH Approved Course: $49 admin fee, 16 interactive and sequential lessons, (3) PDH credits with Certificate of Completion
  2. Structured Course: No cost, 16 interactive and sequential lessons, Certificate of Completion, No PDH credits.
  3. Video Resource Library: No cost, No Structure, No Interactivity, No Certificate, No PDH credits.

Learn more here:

At A Glance

Fast & Accurate
  • Simple, push-button operation reduces test and seal time
  • Continuous duty chemical mixers
  • High-power winches move the packer between joints quickly
  • Pressure transducer and grout totalizer monitor grouting operation
Industrial Components
  • 800’ grout hose
  • Operates lateral and mainline packers
  • Optional manhole grouting package
  • Large capacity tanks and mixers
  • Multiple potential operations include grouting, CCTV inspection, lateral inspection, and cutting
  • Special design packages for extreme climates – warm or cold
  • Truck or trailer options available
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