high cube trucks, vans, trailers

Aries Industries Vehicles
Aries vehicles are custom designed to meet your specific inspection and rehabilitation equipment needs. We offer high cube trucks, vans, trailers—each featuring a state-of-the art control room and work space designed to provide comfort, safety and high productivity.

High Cube Trucks,
Vans, Trailers

High Cube Truck

A Wide Variety of Platforms and Styles.

Aries Industries vehicle systems provide a professional platform for sewer inspection and rehabilitation operations.

Designed and built to meet specific end-user needs, our units are recognized for their high-quality workmanship and layouts focused upon maneuverability, comfort and safety.

Control Center Benefits:

  • Electric control system mounted in a custom-designed electronics rack
  • Maximized workspace for operator convenience
  • Built-in desk mounted controllers strategically located for operator efficiency
  • Custom cabinetry with adjustable shelving to meet operator needs
  • Padded bench seat for observer comfort with storage underneath
  • Air conditioner with built-in heater strip provides operator comfort and equipment cooling
vehicle mounted pipeline inspection

Exterior Benefits:

  • Roof-top strobe lights for road and operator safety
  • Floodlights mounted above the rear doors for inspection during low-light conditions
  • Hi-cube Aero Cap option is available to provide full walkthrough, cab to control room

Equipment Platform Benefits:

  • Heavy-duty diamond plate flooring and kick plates for long-term wearability
  • Large equipment room for equipment storage and a clean/safe floor space
  • Heavy-duty workbench and vise for equipment maintenance
  • Cable reel with self-aligning roller bearing system for easy cable payout and long tractor pulls
  • Up to 2,000’ of coax cable for line inspection up to 4,000’ from one entry point
  • Built-in cable guide for inspection of offset and easement line sites
  • GFI plug outlet system for operator safety
  • Wall-mounted storage brackets keep cables and equipment off of the floor
  • Convenient storage for equipment retrieval/extraction assembly allows for easy, quick access to increase production
Easy Operation
  • State-of-the-art control center, Aries’ latest technology for fast and accurate inspections
  • Special workplace designs provide ample room to maneuver
Durable Long-Lasting Design
  • Quality construction ensures many years of productive service
  • Built contractor-tough with field-proven results
  • Select from a wide variety of vehicle, electronics, and operating room options
  • Aries’ design team offers existing floor plans or unique customized packages
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