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Mobile Pathfinder System - Mainline Sewer Inspection
The Mobile Pathfinder System is a lightweight, portable system for inspecting mainlines 6″ or larger. It combines a powerful transporter, innovative camera, and lightweight reel, operated by our all-in-one remote control.

Mobile Pathfinder System

Lightweight and Portable

The Mobile Pathfinder System delivers the power of a fully equipped inspection truck in a portable, easy-to-use system.

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Mobile Pathfinder System Features


Includes a powerful, steerable Pathfinder Series transporter that easily navigates pipes 6″ or larger. The tractor is equipped with a rear-viewing camera and a lift to center the camera in a range of pipe sizes. More on Transporters »


Our new WiperCam Pan & Tilt camera has an in-the-pipe lens cleaning system with field-replaceable wipers to maximize productivity. It’s 270° viewing angle gives complete visibility to ensure accurate assessments. More on Cameras »


The lightweight reel with 1000′ of cable gives the Mobile Pathfinder System its portability.

All-In-One Controller

The all-in-one remote control operates the reel, tractor, and camera.

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