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Aries transporters are built to withstand the rigors of sewer inspections and ensure long life. Combining power and balance, our tractors easily maneuver around obstacles and traverse challenging pipes 6″ or larger.


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Pathfinder Series

Inspect 6" or larger mainlines quickly and accurately with a steerable tractor from our Pathfinder Series. Three models available to meet your specific need.

aries badger transporter

Badger Series

Durable and reliable, the Badger is a non-steerable tractor for long distance pulls. Easily navigates obstacles in 6" to 48" pipes.

titan sewer pipeline crawler.jpg


Inspect large diameter pipe and storm drains with our steerable Titan tractor. Durable and agile, the Titan is ideal for maneuvering in pipes 20" and larger.

taurus sewer crawler


Strong, responsive track transporter navigates 6" to 30" pipes. Durable construction enables inspections over long distances in adverse conditions.

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