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What Happens After You Buy Aries Equipment?

By November 11, 2019No Comments

“I’ve purchased Aries equipment…now what?” We’re taking a closer look at how we support customers once they have purchased Aries Industries pipeline and water well inspection and rehabilitation equipment.

Have you ever purchased something and when you tried to get up and running…you crashed and burned instead? That’s exactly what we do NOT want to happen when someone purchases Aries equipment. Our goal is to provide positive, professional support throughout the life of an Aries product. We have a dedicated team and a process in place so customers learn how to use our video inspection and rehabilitation equipment safely and can get to work using our equipment as soon as possible. 

Customers purchase equipment in two ways, either from a trusted dealer in our nationwide network or directly from Aries. If an item is purchased from a dealer, the equipment is shipped to the dealer who then delivers it to the customer. Our dealer works with the customer to either provide training themselves or to connect them with the Aries field service team to provide on-site training.

Field Services Team

If a customer purchases directly from Aries, our field services team connects with the customer prior to delivery so they can establish an on-site training plan. Once a product is delivered, training takes place as soon as possible, based on the customer’s schedule.

Our field services group is led by Tim Papenthien and includes senior field specialists with decades of experience in the industry. To ensure responsiveness, we have technicians in every area of the United States and a dedicated rep in Canada. The number of days of training a customer receives is dictated by several factors, including:

  • the complexity of the equipment purchased (e.g. a grout system truck may take up to three days of training, while a Mobile Pathfinder System can be completed in one day)
  • whether the purchase requires a field install or on-site retrofit to add or upgrade equipment
  • the level of experience of the equipment operators
  • the wishes and schedule of the customer

Training Plan

Typically training kicks off in the customer’s shop where we go over every aspect of the equipment or vehicle. In this controlled environment, we review how to connect components and operate them safely. Our goal is to give customers an opportunity to see how things work above ground, before putting the equipment to work in a pipe.

Next, we hit the field and do live work on an active job site. We review proper traffic control and safety precautions then move into how to handle the equipment in a live work situation. The equipment is in the hands of the customer with a field services technician looking on and coaching each step of the way.

Ongoing Support

After training, customers are free to contact the field services group if they have any questions on operating the equipment. In the event of an issue with a system or component, customers have access to our technical support team via our website or toll free phone line (800-234-7205). Customers can also work through our network of dealers to receive technical support.

According to Ruth Ann Spinelli, Customer Support Manager, “We interface regularly with our dealers to deliver technical support. We consider them another avenue to deliver quality service.”

Our business is built on relationships and it is important to start that relationship off on the right foot. Supporting customers after a sale is one way the Aries team works together to deliver the best customer experience at every touch point.