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Aries is your source for inspection and rehabilitation vehicles. Select from a variety of vehicle sizes and we will customize it to meet your specific application needs. We offer high-cube trucksvans, and trailers with ample equipment storage and high-tech control rooms.

Looking to extend the productive life of your existing vehicle? We can retrofit your vehicle to add or upgrade inspection and rehab equipment or refurbish everything from flooring to cabinetry to lighting and more. For full mobility for sewer inspections, choose a TrailBlazer Mobile Enclosure, built to the same high standard as our vehicles.

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Sewer inspection and rehabilitation trailers offer a flexible way to get your equipment where you need to go. Ideal for crews who share equipment or who need a working platform that is always available to tow by multiple trucks.

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Hit the road with your sewer inspection and rehabilitation equipment in a standard or customized Transit or Sprinter van. Ideal for tight working conditions, get all the equipment you need in a compact platform.

TrailBlazer mobile enclosure

TrailBlazer Mobile Enclosure

For pipeline inspection equipment only, you can outfit a mobile enclosure for use with smaller vehicles. Customized to your specifications.

High-Cube Truck for Sewer Inspection and Rehabilitation Equipment

High-Cube Trucks

Build outs with quality materials and workmanship from a standard floorplan or a design you customize.

Retrofit Vehicles with Pipeline Inspection and Rehabilitation Equipment

Retrofit Services

Add or upgrade your inspection/rehab vehicle with our retrofit services. Refurbish equipment, electronics and more.

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