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Preventative Maintenance Guide for Sewer Inspection Equipment

By June 6, 2023June 9th, 2023No Comments

Proper preventative maintenance of sewer inspection equipment adds to the longevity of your investment. Follow our guide on keeping up with regularly scheduled inspections, tests, servicing, replacements, repairs and other tasks intended to help reduce the impact and frequency of equipment failures.

Why is preventive maintenance important? The goal of preventive maintenance is to keep equipment in top working condition and avoid unplanned downtime due to breakdowns. Equipment that isn’t working properly isn’t producing, which means lost time and revenue.

Follow the guidelines below to ensure you keep your mainline and lateral inspection equipment in top working condition:


Aries’ cameras are pressurized to prevent the entry of water into the internal electronics.

  • Check camera pressure daily before placing the equipment into contact with water
  • Pressure is displayed by pressing the diagnostics button on your camera controller
  • Use only dry Nitrogen to pressurize your equipment

O-Rings and Seals Inspection

  • Inspect O-Rings whenever you take the equipment apart
  • Never reuse an O-Ring:
    • Once an O-Ring has been installed and is compressed and deformed, it will not offer the same sealing properties as a new one.
    • The environment out in the field creates a lot of sand, dirt, chemicals and grease, which will degrade O-Rings.

Cable Inspection

Inspect Cables

  • Inspect cable for:
  • Kinks
  • Gouges
  • Excessive wear to casings and termination (Tip: These are the weak points in your system. Pay close attention to your cable ends!)
  • Previous improper repairs

Reel Inspection

Look for:

  • Worn wheels and guides
  • Verify manual counter operation
  • Make sure trolley carriage moves freely by greasing the guide and bearings and removing any debris


Mainline & Lateral Best Practices: Cleanliness

Cleaning and wash down of all equipment after retrieval will:

  • Improve sanitary conditions on the truck
  • Reduce down time
  • Extend the lifespan and reliability of your equipment

Tip: Only use mild cleaner and low water pressure for wash down

Making preventative maintenance a priority can go a long way to extending the lifespan of your sewer inspection equipment. The steps outlined above will improve equipment lifespan and reliability, reduce unscheduled downtime and improve efficiency by keeping your equipment in peak condition.