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Coe Equipment: A Legacy of Excellence in Sewer Inspection and Rehabilitation

By June 25, 2024No Comments

Founded in 1986 by Marty and Debby Coe, Coe Equipment has grown to be an established name in the sewer cleaning and sewer inspection and rehabilitation industries. The company’s journey began after Marty Coe spent a decade working for a Vactor dealer in Michigan and for Vactor itself, having grown up in the same town as the Vactor plant in Streator, IL. When the Illinois territory became available, Marty and Debby seized the opportunity to establish their own dealership, laying the foundation for Coe Equipment.

From the outset, Coe Equipment has been synonymous with quality and reliability. Coe Equipment was one of Aries Industries’ very first dealers, a relationship that started with a simple handshake agreement, highlighting the trust and mutual respect between the two companies. Coe’s demonstrated commitment to American-made products made Aries a natural choice, especially since their innovative camera systems were among the few available in the 1980s.

Marty and Debby Coe’s dedication to quality and customer service ensured that Coe Equipment quickly commanded a significant market share in their territory. Their approach was straightforward: provide exceptional service, maintain strong customer relationships, and offer high-quality, reliable products. This philosophy paid off, and the company grew steadily through territory development and a steadfast focus on customer retention.

Passing the Torch of Leadership

Coe Equipment Wins Dealer AwardA few years ago, Marty and Debby retired, passing the reins to their daughter Courtney and her husband Scott. As President and Vice President, respectively, Courtney and Scott officially took over in January 2020. Under their leadership, Coe Equipment has continued to thrive, maintaining its focus on Vactor and Aries equipment. The company’s growth has been fueled by a commitment to serving their customers, who are treated like family, a value that aligns perfectly with Aries’ approach to customer relationships.

The partnership with Aries has only strengthened over the years. Aries’ dedication to product development has been a significant advantage for Coe Equipment. In fact, Coe was one of the first Aries dealers to offer the Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System, with Scott selling the very first Voyager. This year, the company was recognized by Aries with a dealer award for highest sales of this cutting-edge technology.

Sewer Inspection and Rehabilitation Repair Service at Coe Equipment

In addition to sales, Coe Equipment provides camera service, typically sending more complex repairs to the Aries facility while Scott, the on-site Aries expert, handles maintenance, small repairs, and installations. This comprehensive service approach ensures that customers receive the best support possible.

Partnership with Aries Equipment

The team at Coe Equipment is a close-knit group, and this sense of family extends to their customer relationships. Teamwork and customer care is mirrored in their partnership with Aries. Whether it’s collaborating on product demonstrations or attending local shows, Aries, with the help of their dedicated sales rep Greg, has been an invaluable partner. Greg’s support in bringing specialized equipment for demonstrations has made it easier for Coe Equipment to showcase and sell these products effectively.

Coe Equipment offers the complete array of Aries Industries products and services, including pipeline cutters and inspection equipment and vehicles. Their focus remains on providing top-notch equipment for sale and service, ensuring that their customers have access to the best tools available.

Coe Equipment’s long-standing commitment to quality, customer service, and American-made products has made them a trusted name in the sewer inspection and rehabilitation industry. We are grateful for their enduring partnership with Aries and look forward to many successful years ahead.