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Aries Introduces Laser Profiler for Pipeline Inspection

By January 7, 2021May 4th, 2021No Comments

Aries Industries kicks off 2021 with the introduction of its Laser Profiler. This accessory to the Pathfinder and Badger transporters allows you to profile the interior of pipes 6″ to 96″ (152mm to 2,438mm). The Laser Profiler detects and measures ovality, deflection, debris, and cavities. Joints, offsets & connections are also detected existing, new, or relined pipe.

The Laser Profiler’s data reporting options can be customized for descriptive and comparative needs. Powered by the transporter’s energy source, the device requires no skids and only one manhole access. Its LED lighting can be adjusted for video imaging, with a controllable iris to optimize image brightness.

addon laser profileraries laser profiler transporterlaser profiler


When used with advanced data gathering PACP software, the Aries Laser Profiler provides immediate video results. With this addition to your video inspection equipment, you will be able to quickly and easily verify the overall condition of an existing pipeline and confirm that installation of a new pipe meets ovality specifications.

Seamless Operation

  • No skids necessary
  • Requires only one manhole access
  • Simple attachment to Aries Pathfinder or Badger tractors
  • Powered via tractor (no batteries needed)

Accurate Reporting

  • Integrates with variety of PACP software
  • Calibrates to accurately profile different pipe sizes. 6″-24″ (152mm-609mm) standard and 36″-96″ (914mm-2,438mm) with an optional large line kit
  • Highly accurate data gathering system that is not subject to parallax

Adjustable Lighting

  • Provides a variety of descriptive and comparative reporting options
  • Includes adjustable white LED lighting for standard video imaging
  • Controllable iris to adjust the image brightness
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