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Aries Industries Introduces New Dual Reel for Mainline and Lateral Inspection

By September 2, 2021November 12th, 2021No Comments

Compact, Dual Reel  Maximizes Truck Space

We are happy to announce another equipment innovation! Our team, in response to customer input has released a new dual reel for Aries’ mainline and lateral evaluation system.

LETS Dual Reel

Moving from a stacked to a combined configuration, the new reel occupies a slim footprint within Aries Industries inspection vehicles. Sliprings are now inside the shaft, eliminating the need for slip ring boxes. This enables the compact reel configuration, while still including simple termination blocks for easy troubleshooting.

The new dual reel provides quick and easy set-up and operation with single-button downrigger deployment (no pins and knobs to adjust) and the consolidation of reel controls to a single accessible panel. The spring-loaded & retractable downrigger rollers enable easy cable removal. Field operation has been further upgraded with improved level-wind timing for even level-winding of the cable and precise adjustable drum tension control with caliper and floating rotors on each drum.

“Our engineers are continually looking for ways to improve how our equipment performs for our customers. The upgraded reel makes thoughtful use of truck space, increases the functionality of the reel, and maximizes uptime,” said Jim Kraschinsky, VP of Sales. “We listened to what our customers were asking for and delivered with all of the upgrades packed into our new dual reel for mainline and lateral evaluation.”

More information on the Aries Industries Mainline and Lateral Evaluation System (LETS), including the new Dual Reel  is available by calling (800) 234-7205 or at