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Aries Adds Two Diagnostic Tools to Enhance Service

By August 18, 2020No Comments

Aries Industries Technical Customer Service has added two diagnostic tools to enhance our ability to provide technical or software service when customers reach out for support through our phone system.

We now offer “Rescue Me” and “Rescue Lens” for faster and  more efficient resolution of technical or software questions and support needs.

Rescue Me

Rescue Me is a software and computer hardware support tool that allows an Aries Industries Customer Service Technical representative to remotely access and take control of a customer’s computer. This allows the Aries Technical representative to monitor and change necessary settings or perform software diagnostics. The only requirement to use this tool in the field is an internet connection. The use of this tool allows for a quick and efficient diagnosis and or resolution to a software or computer hardware problem. Customers may be offered this resource when calling 800-234-7205 and selecting “Software Support” from the phone prompts.

Rescue Lens

Rescue Lens is a live video diagnostic tool to help identify equipment, demonstrate symptoms or verify settings. Here’s how it works. A customer contacts Aries Technical Support via our 800-234-7205. Once connected with a Technical Customer Service representative, this resource may be offered to help diagnose the challenge a customer is facing. The customer can then point the camera of a smart phone at the equipment, parts, or screen. Rescue Lens allows for increased capabilities in diagnosing complex systems or identifying difficult parts and setups.

Delivering top quality service to our customers is a high priority for Aries. Next time you need technical or software support please call 800-234-7205 and follow the phone prompts for either technical or software support. Our technical representatives will be ready to assist you and offer the use of these special resource tools. You can also access support online.