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Enhancing Municipal Infrastructure: The Advantages of Trenchless Lateral Inspections with Aries Industries LETS 6.0 System

By April 11, 2024April 12th, 2024No Comments

In the realm of municipal infrastructure management, maintaining underground pipelines and sewer systems is mission-critical. However, some methods of inspecting lateral lines are costly and involve extensive excavation, disrupting communities and causing significant inconvenience. Enter trenchless lateral inspection, a key method that provides municipalities and contractors a better approach to underground infrastructure maintenance. Among the leading solutions is the Aries Industries LETS 6.0 system, offering a multitude of benefits for efficient and effective inspections.

Minimized Community Disruption During Lateral Inspections

Unlike methods that require extensive excavation, trenchless lateral inspections significantly minimize disruption to communities and traffic. The Aries Industries LETS 6.0 system enables inspections without the need for large-scale digging, preserving landscapes and reducing downtime for residents.

Cost-Effectiveness of Trenchless Lateral Inspections

By reducing the need for excavation and minimizing labor requirements, trenchless inspections using the LETS 6.0 system prove to be highly cost-effective. Municipalities can allocate resources more efficiently, saving both time and money in the long run.

Additional cost savings are realized by the LETS’ in-the-pipe lens cleaning. This functionality maximizes a crew’s time in the field and ensures clear and accurate footage during the inspection process.  In-the-pipe lens cleaning is a valuable feature, contributing to smoother inspection processes, improved data quality, and more effective maintenance and management of underground pipelines and sewer systems.

Here’s how the in-the-pipe lens cleaning typically works:

    • Built-In Mechanism: The LETS system lateral inspection camera is equipped with an integral wiper that enables the cleaning of the camera lens without retrieving the tractor from the pipe. This wiper is designed to remove debris, dirt, and other obstructions that may accumulate on the lens surface.
    • Activated Remotely: Operators can activate the in-the-pipe lens cleaning function remotely while the camera is navigating through the sewer line. This is done using the LETS controller, based within the control room of the sewer inspection vehicle.
    • Clearing Debris: When activated, the integral wiper goes to work, clearing away any debris or buildup that may obscure the view. This helps maintain optimal visibility, allowing inspectors to accurately assess the condition of the pipeline.
    • Improved Inspection Quality: By ensuring that the camera lens remains clear throughout the inspection process, the in-the-pipe lens cleaning feature helps maintain high-quality footage. This, in turn, enables inspectors to identify defects, blockages, cracks, leaks, and other issues with greater accuracy and efficiency.
    • Enhanced Efficiency: In-the-pipe lens cleaning reduces the need to interrupt inspections for manual lens cleaning, saving time and increasing productivity. It also minimizes the risk of missing crucial details due to obscured vision, leading to more comprehensive and reliable inspection results.

Accurate Diagnosis During Lateral Inspections

Lateral InspectionThe advanced technology integrated into the LETS 6.0 system ensures accurate and comprehensive inspections of lateral lines. Equipped with a contoured chute, the lateral camera is easily deployed with or against the flow at a 135-degree launch angle. The robotic sewer crawler allows crews to navigate pipe bends and circumvent debris with ease. From detecting cracks and leaks to identifying blockages and structural issues, municipalities and contractors gain valuable insights into the condition of their infrastructure, enabling proactive maintenance and repair strategies.

Enhanced Worker and Community Safety

Lateral InspectionTraditional excavation methods pose inherent risks to workers and surrounding environments. Trenchless lateral inspections with the Aries LETS 6.0 system mitigate these risks by minimizing the need for digging and reducing potential hazards, promoting a safer work environment for all involved.

Environmental Sustainability

By minimizing excavation and disruption, trenchless inspections contribute to environmental sustainability. Preserving landscapes and minimizing the disturbance to ecosystems, municipalities demonstrate their commitment to responsible infrastructure management.

The adoption of trenchless lateral inspections using cutting-edge systems like the Aries Industries LETS 6.0 offers municipalities and contractors many benefits. From minimizing disruption and costs to enhancing safety and environmental sustainability, this tried-and-true approach helps ensure the longevity of municipal assets, while also fostering thriving communities for generations to come.

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