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portable water well system

sewer video inspection solutions
Inspection equipment reduces costly unnecessary repairs. Aries video cameras and systems efficiently evaluate water wells and other boreholes, identifying problems before they become more serious. Cameras are available to operate at depths to 5000 feet, acquiring clear, easy-to-manage video.

Portable Water Well System

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explorer water well system

Explorer Mobile System

The Explorer is a completely integrated system for inspection at depths to 1200 feet. This mobile unit is easily set-up by one operator for quick evaluations, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs. This compact system helps identify faults before they become more serious.

aries portable mobile inspection systems

Water Well System

Aries' inspection systems include a camera, an electric winch with up to 5000 feet of cable, a control unit and recording device, with on-screen titling. A level wind ensures uniform spooling for faster camera retrieval. Select from several component options to meet specific requirements.

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