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PipeOptix® is an entry-level software that integrates seamlessly with leading camera inspection systems. It offers a profitable solution to small municipalities and contractors with basic requirements to manage their inspection data.


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Software is Easy to Learn, Set-up and Use.

PipeOptix® combines the essential tools to manage and use collected inspection data, to create reports, and manipulate and query data to support rehabilitation recommendations.

PipeOptix® integrates with leading CCTV inspection systems. The software supports direct data migration into PipeTech for further in-office assessment. PipeoOptix® is PACP and LACP certified.

  • Primary functions include: Mainline Inspection; Lateral Inspection; Inline Lateral; New Inspection (start/fill in header/naming convention/create folder); Begin recording; Log Incidents; Pause recording; Stop recording (hide preview/load inspection video)
  • Auxiliary Functions include: Change Staging Path (set default data storage location); Import Last Header Data; Automatic search for capture device and overlays; Take Snapshots; Adjust Video Quality Settings (good/better/best); Show Help; Change Inspection Units (feet or meters); Camera Direction Indicator; Print Reports: top view, side view, detail list, defect snapshot, inclination, PACP standard report; Interface Inclinometer Data (log, display graphs, print reports); Export Project Data to NASSCO database
  • Overlay Functions include: Test Button; Inspection Information Customization (displayed information and location specifics); Display Alternate Information (Work Order, etc.); Input, reset and preset distances; Reverse distance counter; Continuous defect endpoint button, Reset inclinometer
pipeoptix pipeline sewer software

PipeOptix® Features

  • Quick logging of data with Aries’ standard and PACP templates
  • Supported for Windows 7/8, 64-bit
  • An entry-level data management application
  • Ideal for basic in-the-truck use
  • Cost-effective for small municipalities and contractors with basic requirements
  • Integrates with leading CCTV inspection systems
  • Direct data migration into PipeTech View for further in-office assessment
  • Direct upgrade path to PipeTech Scan
  • One year of technical support includes software patches and upgrades
Software Module Applications
  • Vehicle Installed Primary Inspection includes: Primary Acquisition (secured); Create New Data, Open, View, Edit, Print Reports
  • Office Data Edit includes: Open, View, Print and Edit; No New Data (secured)
  • Viewer: Inspection and Reports; No Editing or New Data
  • Disk Viewer provided to End User on Data CD (open, view data)
  • Template Setup Mode: Aries Standard and PACP Templates provided
Hardware Technology Requirements
  • Windows 7/8, 64-bit Operating System
  • Core 2 Duo (i3/i5/i7) @>2Ghz Intel Processor; 6G RAM; 500 HD (OS);
  • 1 TB HD (Data)
  • Graphics card that supports 1366 x 768 resolution
  • Video Capture Device: USB (External) Windows WDM Compatible device with audio; D1 or Better
  • Video Recording Codecs: MPEG-1 and MPEG-4 h.264
  • Audio Support: TTS (Anna or Mary) Automated Text to Speech Audio
  • Overlay Interfaces: Aries VL5000 or PipeTech Sentinel
  • Inclinometer System: Aries Multi-Conductor via VL5000 or Sentinel Interface Primary Database Format: SQLite (Export to Microsoft Access for NASSCO)