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video inspection camera

Video Inspection Cameras
Aries mainline, lateral, and water well video inspection cameras use advanced technology to capture high-quality images in harsh conditions. Our innovative, maintenance-free designs maximizes uptime for increased productivity.

Pipeline Inspection Cameras

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Voyager Camera

Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection Camera

Capture clear, detailed video of pipes 6" relined and larger with our innovative Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection Camera. It is a compact HD 1080p pan and tilt video camera with 120x zoom. Keep the lens clean without retrieving the camera from the pipe with Aries built-in lens wiper technology. The HD video camera comes standard as part of the Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System.

Laser Profiler

Laser Profiler

Profile the interiors of pipes 6" - 96" with Laser Profiler camera attachment. Integrates with variety of PACP software and attaches to Pathfinder or Badger tractors.

Mainline Inspection Cameras

Mainline Inspection Cameras

Durable and innovative cameras that capture detailed video for accurate inspections. Equipped with the industry’s first self-cleaning lens to maximize productivity.

lateral pipeline cameras sale

Lateral Inspection Cameras

High performance lateral inspection cameras ideal for use in 3" or larger pipes. Available models include a mini pan & tilt with self-cleaning lens or self-leveling compact camera.

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