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water well inspection

water well equipment manufacturing company
Aries video cameras and systems allow you to evaluate water wells and other boreholes and identify problems before they become more serious. Our cameras operate at depths up to 5000 feet, acquiring clear, easy-to-manage video.
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Water Well Inspection Equipment

Vehicles & Transport

We customize trucks, cargo vans or trailers with a complete water well system to meet your specific requirements. Our designs provide a safe, clean work environment including a state-of-the-art control center.

Trucks / Vans / TrailersRetrofit Trucks

Water Well Cameras

Aries downhole inspection cameras capture clear video at depths ranging from 120 to 5000 feet. Select from three camera sizes: BT Series cameras for boreholes of 4" and larger; WC Series Slimline cameras for boreholes as small as 2" ; and SC Series Large Diameter cameras for boreholes of 6" and larger.

Water Well Cameras

Water Well Inspection Systems

Aries inspection systems include a camera, an electric winch with up to 5000' of cable, a control unit and recording device, with on-screen titling. A level wind ensures uniform spooling for faster camera retrieval. Select from several component options to meet specific requirements.


Water Well Software

BoreOptix® is the industry's first well inspection data collection software. This easy-to-learn and set up software allows users to simultaneously collect well inspection video and create standardized data reports in real time.


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